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Parents in solidarity with SJCK teachers


A number of parents who showed up to collect their children on the second day of the St Joseph’s Convent Kingstown (SJCK) impasse, say they are in support of the teachers at the school.{{more}}

Citing the need to instil and uphold discipline in the school, the parents told SEARCHLIGHT that it was important that the teachers take a stand.

The teachers walked off the compound on Monday, when a student who was transferred to another school, and her parent, turned up, armed with a court order, and remained on the compound.

On Tuesday, the teachers of the girls’ school called in sick, while the parent and the student returned and sat in the gazebo where they had been stationed all day Monday.

The parents to whom SEARCHLIGHT spoke said that they were in solidarity with the teachers.

“I’m kind of upset that the children not getting to learn, but if the teachers have to take a stand, they have to take a stand,” one parent said, as she left the compound with her daughter.

“When I was going to school, we couldn’t do that,” she said, referring to the note the student is said to have written about the teacher.

Another parent, a father, who picked up his two daughters a little while after, echoed the sentiments of the first parent, emphasizing that the school is an institution that is supposed to be high on discipline.

“The discipline must be maintained. This is a religious school, and one of the strengths should be that of discipline.”

“This is a prestigious, religious school and discipline must be enforced,” he told SEARCHLIGHT.

The example shown by the child’s parent, said to be an educator herself, was called into question by one parent who said that she was in support of the teachers.

“She is a teacher and she should understand how other teachers should feel. How would this affect the other teachers on the compound? That’s not showing a good example to the other parents and students.”

SEARCHLIGHT understands that the teacher who was disrespected in the note written by the student, is currently the form teacher of the class that the student was promoted to (Form 4S).

On Wednesday, the teachers, wearing black ribbons on their arms, returned to school, and the student in question was allowed to sit in Form 4S. Balcombe, however, was absent from school on Wednesday. (JJ)