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Ollivierre: I am afraid I may lose my life!

Ollivierre: I am afraid I may lose my life!


Brent Ollivierre, a resident of Vermont, says his life is being threatened by a police officer stationed at one of the out districts.{{more}}

According to Ollivierre, he first encountered the officer when he went to the district police station to made a report that his cellular phone had been damaged by someone in the area.

The man said that he took his phone to a business place in the area to be repaired; he would later find out that the person doing the repairs was not a qualified technician.

“I found that out late,” the man explained.

However Ollivierre said he took the phone and was told to return the following day; upon his return he met the individual working on the phone.

He explained that while in the repair shop, he witnessed the individual damage his phone. Ollivierre said the individual told him that he would either replace the phone, or replace the damaged part and that he should return the next day.

Ollivierre said that he returned the following day, and a few times after that, but was then told that the individual was trying to evade him.

“So I said alright, and I went down to the station and made a report.”

He said he met two officers, and after relating the story to them, they (the officers) agreed that the individual would have had to repay Ollivierre for the phone.

However Ollivierre said that he subsequently heard that the individual who damaged the phone was expected to leave the country, which prompted him to go back to the police, which he did.

But when he went to check on the status of the case, he was informed by the police officer being accused, that the individual had left the country the day before.

“So I said to him, I said I informed you already that the guy goin’ away, so it is your fault,” Ollivierre said he told the officer.

He said that he told the officer that he let the guy go, because they were friends, something that he usually does, Ollivierre charged.

The man said he told the officer that he was going to make a report of what occurred to the Commissioner of Police, which he said he did.

But it is an incident which took place this week, which has Ollivierre nervous.

He said he was waiting along the public main road, with another resident, when a police vehicle drove up.

According to Ollivierre, the officer being accused came out and said that he would have shot him (Ollivierre), had it not been for the presence of a witness.

Ollivierre said that the officer further threatened to beat him up and then told him to be careful.

“I fear for my life,” Ollivierre said, adding that the officer may have got upset because he went to the Commissioner.

Ollivierre is calling on the authorities to look into the matter.

A call to the Public Relations and Complaints Department on Wednesday confirmed that Ollivierre reported the alleged incident and according to Police, the matter is being investigated. (DD)