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LIME hoping to bring ‘far better’ public speaking competition

LIME hoping to bring ‘far better’ public speaking competition


Leslie Jack, general manager of LIME, says that his company is looking forward to another successfully produced and executed secondary schools public speaking competition, regardless to the topics selected for debate.{{more}}

Jack said that he is confident that the discussions between the event organizers, Lions Club South, and partners in the Ministry of Education, along with the innovations that LIME would be bringing to the event, would only produce a far better competition, whose finals are scheduled to take place on October 24.

“I have the assurance that the highly anticipated competition will be one of the best in recent times, in the 30 plus years that we have been sponsoring this event,” Jack said.

“I believe that the topics that would be selected, would be just as engaging as previous years, and would only make the rivalry among the schools richer, and therefore bring out the best in the students who would be vying for top honours this year.”

The LIME GM took the time out to highlight the new initiatives that will be featured, and the prizes at stake for the winners and other participants in the competition.

“For the first time in the history of the competition, the event would be streamed live on the Internet and into the diaspora, giving people all over the world the opportunity to see the hard work and brilliance of our students and teachers,” Jack pointed out.

“The finalists will all be equipped with coaches, who will mentor them some two weeks prior to the finals, in order to help in bringing out the best of their public speaking abilities.

“The teachers who work along with the top three places in the finals will also receive a monetary reward this year. We are doing this to recognize the work of the teachers, who labour in the background, preparing the students for the big moment,” Jack added.

He also indicated that LIME will partner with the winning school for an entire year, on projects developed by, and for the school.

The finalists will also be involved in LIME organized community projects, and will all receive scholarship funds.

The preliminary round is scheduled to begin on October 1, with the finals slated to be held at the Methodist Church Hall in Kingstown.