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Parrot conservation efforts receive boost


The Forestry department last week received three new vehicles to assist in the protection and conservation of the endangered Amazonia Guildingii (St Vincent Parrot).{{more}}

The donation was made on September 21 by Jurgen Dienst of the Association for the Conservation of Threatened Parrots (ACTP) with the goal of preserving endangered birds and their habitats worldwide. The vehicles, which are currently in St Lucia, will be in state shortly and will be utilized primarily for the management of the (Amazonia Guildingii) parrot species, law enforcement and compliance and public education programmes.

The ceremony, which was two-fold, also saw the unveiling of plans for an education centre at the Botanic Gardens, which will also be funded by the ACTP. The specified area for the centre is the Calvin Nichols Wildlife Sanctuary and the Forestry Department is hoping for the modern, wildlife conservation and education centre to be completed in 2015, coinciding with the Botanic Gardens’ 250th anniversary.

The Conservation and Wildlife Centre will be home for an array of species endemic to St Vincent; it will cover 16,000 square feet of land and have a height of 22 feet. Covered with nets and replicating the rainforest, the centre will also feature an aquatic system. The area will also house a public education room, a cafeteria, offices, bathroom facilities and a gift shop.(API)