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High level of debate expected from new senators – Opposition

High level of debate expected from new senators – Opposition


The President and one of the vice presidents of the New Democratic Party (NDP) have indicated that they look forward to the level of debate to come from the three newly appointed senators.{{more}}

Leader of the Opposition Arnhim Eustace and St Claire Leacock, Parliamentary Representative for Central Kingstown say they expect a high level of contribution from Senators Camillo Gonsalves, Jomo Thomas and Luke Browne.

“I am of the view from listening to their qualifications, I believe that they will make a significant contribution to the work of the House and I sincerely welcome them,” Eustace said.

As he congratulated them, Eustace commended Thomas on also being appointed Deputy Speaker.

“I am really satisfied and look forward to their contribution,” the Leader of the Opposition said.

Leacock said that he sincerely and genuinely welcomed the new appointments.

He addressed each of the new senators individually, beginning with Thomas, saying that he had known him for a very long time.

“Clearly he possesses a great talent,” Leacock said, adding that he wished him well.

Leacock said that he, however, was going to decline commenting on Browne, except to also wish him well on his appointment.

“I continue to decline to comment on Senator Browne, I haven’t done so before and I refuse to do so now,” Leacock said.

In his reference to Gonsalves, Leacock commended him, saying that he recalled a conversation with the Leader of the Opposition during the referendum debate of 2009, about the level of discussion being brought about by Gonsalves.

“I say to you that there is a greater, moral responsibility that we have in this House,” Leacock said.

“…Whether we like it or not, there is considerable hurt out there among the public – especially among those having a hard time making ends meet,” he continued.

Leacock urged the new senators to deliberate carefully on pieces of legislation that will come to the House and think how this piece of legislation will improve the lives of the average Vincentian.(DD)