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SVG to benefit from food plan


St Vincent and the Grenadines is to benefit quite soon from the formulation of a new comprehensive policy for National Food and Nutrition Security and an action plan.{{more}}

Accordingly, two days of consultation were held on September 18 and 19, in which a multidisciplinary group of representatives of government departments, NGO’s and the private sector, inclusive of the National Food and Nutrition Security Council, met to discuss ussues that will influence the revision of the National Food and Nutrition Policy and Plan of Action of 2002-2007, and, the Draft Plan of Action of 2008-2012.

The objectives of the consultation were :to increase awareness on the concepts of food and nutrition security and how they relate to the Caricom food and Nutrition Security Policy, the World Declaration Plan of Action for Nutrition and the Rome Declaration and Plan of Action on World Food Security; to identify the pertinent issues and challenges on food and nutrition security; and to recommend implementaton strategies for the national food and nutrition security policy.

Dr Charles Carmichael, a consultant from the Food and Agriculture Organisation, led the discussions which followed presentations on a number of pertinent issues such as: The concepts and definition of Food and Nutrition; Food Availability in relation to agriculture and trade policy programmes; Food access in relation to poverty and vulnerabliity in St.Vincent; Food Utilization in relation to nutrition and Health in St.Vincent and the Grenadines

The two days of consultations were held at the Knowledge Institute and Conference Centre on Halifax Street, commencing with an opening ceremony.

The consultations were sponsored by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, UNFAO and coordinated by the Ministries of Health and Agriculture.