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Monsignor Mike issues challenge to legal fraternity

Monsignor Mike issues challenge to legal fraternity


Monsignor Michael Stewart of the Roman Catholic Church has thrown out a challenge to members of the legal fraternity to conduct themselves in such a way as to make God beloved by others.{{more}}

Stewart issued the challenge on Tuesday, at the Kingstown Methodist Church, at an ecumenical service to mark the opening of the 2013 -2014 law term.

He said each commandment, done in the right spirit, is an act of loving God. He proposed two ways in which that could be done – through deep listening and integrity.

“Our society is becoming increasingly lawless, callous and violent… What are the legal practitioners of this nation hearing? What are you hearing? Is your listening deep enough? What are you lawyers doing about your listening?” Stewart questioned.

At the service, which saw a very poor turnout, Stewart reminded lawyers that they belong to a noble profession, and told them if their transactions are not conducted in integrity of personhood and lifestyle, they would fail to make God beloved by others.

Stewart noted that the practice of integrity makes God beloved and experienced as a God of justice, mercy and integrity.

He also beseeched members of the Bar to go by the watchwords, “Lord, teach us”, which was also the theme of the service.

Reverend Adrian Odle of the Methodist Church did the greetings and welcome, while Major Pierre Antoine of the Salvation Army delivered the opening prayer.

The Old Testament reading was done by the Bar Association, while the Gospel was read by The Very Reverend Patrick McIntosh of the Anglican Church.

The closing hymn was done by Reverend Stilson Cato of the Evangelical Church and The Rt Rev’d. C. Leopold Friday, Bishop of the Windward Islands, delievered the blessing and dismissal.

Following the service, lawyers, legal workers, police officers and Girl Guides marched to the music of the Police band along Grenville Street to the High Court, where a special sitting was held.(KW)