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Creative arts more than extracurricular activity – Small

Creative arts more than extracurricular activity – Small


Choosing the creative arts as a career is considered a risk by some individuals, but pannist Rodney Small begs to differ.Small, 24, has been involved in music for 15 years.{{more}}

In 2009, the Sion Hill resident was a recipient of a scholarship which allowed him to further his studies at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts in Jamaica.

He spent four years in Jamaica, and since returning home, the young musician has embarked on a journey to pass on his skills, as well as his knowledge gained at the university level to young Vincentians.

He does this through sessions held by the Sion Hill Euphonium Steel Orchestra.

According to Small, Vincentians have a lot of raw talent as it relates to the creative arts, whether it is singing, dancing or even acting.

He is, however, of the opinion that many people still do not see the creative arts as a viable career.

“They more look at it as an extracurricular activity,” he told SEARCHLIGHT.

“From we believe in what we are doing, then we can achieve it. At first, I always felt that making music or being involved in the creative arts as a career is a risk. But I also learnt that the Bible said that we all can’t be prophets,” the young man added.

Small is also of the view that lack of knowledge about the creative arts as a career contributes to so few individuals venturing into it.

“First you have to make them understand that it could be a career and it is possible to make a living from it.

“It’s just the approach we take and the way that we bring it forward to the youths, because a youth will prefer going to a party than to go to band practice or acting rehearsals… To them a party will be more interesting.

“It’s a give and take situation because we ourselves as artists, especially in the creative arts, have to really step up to the game.

“I can testify that it is a career, because it is the only thing that I am doing now and I’m making a living from it and I’m living proper,” the young pannist stated. (AA)