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Food outlet opening soon near Grammar School lawn

Food outlet opening soon near Grammar School lawn


Keith Francis, proprietor of the newest food and drink spot in town, says the opening of “The Pit Stop” is more than a dream come true.{{more}}

Francis explained that the idea to operate a food court in the area just outside the Girls’ High School hard court, in the vicinity of the lawn of the St Vincent Grammar School, came from two different trains of thought.

He said, in the past, whenever he passed the area just in front the St Vincent Grammar School, he did not like what he saw. Secondly, since starting a family of his own, he often found it difficult to find a family oriented spot to dine and spend some quality time with his family.

“That is what is missing in St Vincent, and I hope I can get everyone who is family-oriented to come here,” he said.

“The two ideas came together and I thought that the area was ideal,” Francis continued.

He explained that through his position at the Public Works Department in the government service, he had heard about a project known as the Urban Renewal Project – where the government identifies a project and then seeks funding to implement that specific project.

Francis said he offered to finance the project, and discussions began between him and the relevant authorities, and ideas were put forward about what would be best suited for the area.

In coming up with the overall concept, Francis explained that they wanted the area to remain alcohol and tobacco free – a place where families could come and meet other positive role models for their children.

“So, that is what we have in mind,” he said.

The initial process involved dialogue with the other stakeholders in the area, namely the schools in the immediate area, and the Ministry of Education.

The doors of The Pit Stop are expected to open next Monday, and will, for starters, primarily serve the students and teachers in the area.

But Francis said that other people will be able to come and dine, or call ahead and place an order.

The establishment boasts two kitchens with well trained staff, competent in preparing various types of food, Francis said.

Patrons will be able to purchase good, healthy food and a wide assortment of local fruit drinks and mixtures.

According to Francis, he is engaged in talks with a potential corporate sponsor, which should see collaboration for the placement of lights and tables on the piece of land in front the Grammar School.

He said that this is to encourage families to come out for an evening of fun, during which they could walk with a game of their choice and spend some quality family time.

Francis also explained that he has other plans for the area, including the “revival” of the famous Grammar School steps.

These plans should all be implemented by December, he said.(DD)