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Syrians in SVG against any military action by US government

Syrians in SVG against any military action  by US government


Some nationals of the Syrian Arab Republic residing in St Vincent and the Grenadines have expressed disagreement with any proposed military intervention in their homeland.{{more}}

A number of retail businesses around Kingstown are owned and operated by individuals born in Syria, some of whom have been residing here for more than 40 years.

Basem Georges, owner of Debbie Boutique, located in Kingstown, says he does not support the proposed military intervention.

According to Georges, military invention by the US in the past has resulted in destruction.

“The United States is to be blamed for what’s happening. The (US) President doesn’t seem to know what he is doing. He’s just messing up all over the world.

“The same thing they did in Iraq and Libya; it is nonsense. They said they had chemical weapons and after they didn’t find nothing. You can’t just mash up the countries like that,” the store owner stated.

Georges, who openly revealed his support for the Bashar al-Assad government of Syria, said it is “sad” to see what’s happening in his homeland.

“I feel sorry for what is happening.

“Syria has over 20 million people … but many left and now more are fighting to get out. It’s not good for my country,” he added.

Samuel Georges, a supervisor at one of the other Syrian owned stores has been residing in St Vincent for the past 30 years.

“I support the government of President Bashar al-Assad,” Georges firmly stated.

“It is very unfortunate what is happening now in Syria.

“I do not support though, the proposed intervention by the US because that is just going to make things more difficult. Like you see what happen in the past with other countries, they went in with claims and nothing was found, but the countries destroyed because of unnecessary fighting.

“It is very sad, what’s happening. Many people (Syrians) are now trying to leave,” he said.

Another store owner who requested anonymity described the situation as heart breaking, as he still has relatives residing in the country.

“No Syrian you will speak with will agree with what is happening. No military intervention. It is not nice. We cannot say for sure if it was chemical weapons used as claimed by the US and others.

“I would love nothing more than the fighting between our people who have been going on for years to stop, but if any military invasion is to take place, it would just lead to more fighting and a possible war.

“We do not want that,” the individual stated.

Last week, president of the United States Barack Obama announced that his country would take military action against the Syrian government, led by president Bashar al-Assad. The Syrian goverment is accused of using chemical weapons against civilians on several occasions during the 30 month conflict, most recently on a large scale in an attack on August 21 on the outskirts of Damascus, the capital.

Over 1,000 persons were reportedly killed as a result of the August 21 attack.

The government of Syria has denied that there were any chemical attacks. According to reports, Syrian officials insist that rebels carried out the attacks.(AA)