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BUT wants Civil Service to create more teaching posts


Fri Sep 6, 2013

The Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) wants the Ministry of Civil Service to create an additional 300 to 400 posts for the teaching service.{{more}}

President of the BUT Pedro Shepherd told the media Wednesday afternoon that while there are currently over 3 000 teachers in the public school system, only 2 564 of those posts are established. Shepherd contended that the BUT firmly believes that the system requires all those who are currently employed.

“Representation has already been made and it is our understanding that it is gaining favour with the Civil Service to increase the establishment. It is our hope that the Ministry of the Civil Service will work feverishly to increase the number of established posts to minimise the situation where there is a very large number of temps in the system. It is our position that the system needs them,” he maintained.

The Union’s position on the temporary teachers is coming to the fore in the wake of reports that some temporary teachers have not yet received their reassignment letters to start work this week. The Union boss said that the surge in uncertainty by this cadre of teachers is as a direct result of the recent budgetary pronouncement on the employment of temporary, substitute and part-time employees by the Government. He is therefore urging those who have not yet been contacted to check with their principals again and if their names still does not appear on any of the staff lists, they should contact the Union.

Shepherd said that while the Union cannot assure the employment of temporary teachers, they want to assure members that every effort will be made to make certain that persons with the longest service, are reassigned ahead of those with fewer years, provided there are no negative reports on their employment records, as the Chief Education Officer must be able to justify their employment. (JRT/Barbados Advocate)