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High speed collision leaves one driver hospitalised

High speed collision leaves one driver hospitalised


A vehicular accident that occurred last Friday along the Villa main road has resulted in one person sustaining broken bones about his body.{{more}}

South Rivers resident, Guilbert Moore, 35, was the driver of a white minibus HD 843 which was involved in the accident with another minibus, Toppa H 119.

According to a police report, H 119, owned by Hyan Ellis of Brighton, but driven by Dawn Frederick, was travelling towards Calliaqua when it collided with Moore’s vehicle, that was heading towards Kingstown.

The accident took place in the corner before the Aquatic Club in the Villa area around 2:35 p.m.

Both vehicles received extensive damage to their front ends, while the drivers sustained injuries and were admitted to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

Frederick was, however, discharged according to reports, while Moore remains hospitalized with a broken hip, broken right leg, a broken right arm and a cut to the right arm that required 15 stitches.

“I can’t move. I have to be on the bed in one position and it is very uncomfortable, plus the pain is overbearing.

“I have to get injection every minute,” Moore, a father of three said.

As he related what transpired, Moore moved about his bed uneasily and he tried to find a more comfortable position.

“I was on my way to town and when I got to Villa, I saw the van Toppa trying to overtake about four vehicles at the same time and at a very fast speed.

“I tried to pull off and I even reach as far over on the sidewalk, but the van still came on to mine and mash me up,” he recalled.

Moore said the collision took place so fast that he was unable to brace himself for the impact.

“I tried my best to pull away, but the way he came around it was unavoidable.

“After the collision, I was pinned in my seat and was just bawling, muda, muda, muda oyeee. All while persons trying to help me out; all I could have done was bawl, muda oye help me, help me,” Moore added.

Moore said his minibus was filled with passengers, but no one else was injured.

“I just happy no one else got hurt in either van, but I am really disappointed that not even Toppa (Ellis) came to look for me. We are all van owners and drivers and I feel real bad with how he move,” Moore added.

Moore is expected to undergo surgery on Thursday.

His girlfriend, Petranella Maloney, said Moore is the family’s only breadwinner, as she is presently unemployed.

Maloney, however, said she is thankful her boyfriend is alive.

“Our last child is three months old and still breast feeds. I now have to be at the hospital every day to bathe him and assist in whatever other way I am requested to.

“It’s not easy but I thank God he is alive,” she stated.(AA)