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SVG needs international airport – ECCB Governor

SVG needs  international airport  – ECCB Governor


Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) Sir Dwight Venner says the construction of the international airport at Argyle will be a significant boost for the country’s tourism industry.{{more}}

Sir Dwight shared his opinion last Friday, while speaking on the topic “Key Sectors for Development” at a luncheon hosted by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce at the Paradise Beach Hotel at Villa.

Sir Dwight explained that despite having a comparative advantage over other tourist destinations, with the natural resources available here, is not enough.

“There has to be a deliberate policy towards tourism to see how we can generate the benefits and become as competitive as we can and to take advantage of them.

“Next year, if God spares our lives, we will have for the first time in St Vincent and the Grenadines an international airport and that is a significant thing,” he said.

“Those of you who are of my age, who when they travelled by air in those days, took a seaplane from right here (Villa beach area) to get out of this country,” Venner reminded the gathering.

“My view, as a Vincentian, is that we need an international airport.

“Frankly, that is my very, very, positive view.

“But, we have to realize that we now have five international air ports in the OECS and we have to have the people coming and going and the only industry that can do that is tourism,” the Central Bank Governor added.

He further indicated that those responsible for the development of the tourism sector need to face the facts on how do we prepare for this new period of our economic development.

Venner said that in this interdependent globalized world, access is critical as it pertains to tourist attraction.

“If you want to get to a place, you must be able to get there within 24 hours, if it is to make any sense.

“But we have to remember that there are things that we have to do and do collectively,” Venner further stated.

Venner also disclosed that over one million visitors come to the Organization of the Eastern Caribbean States annually.

The idea he said, will be to increase those figures as the years go by and therefore provision must be made for those tourists travelling by air.

The international airport at Argyle is expected to be completed by next year. (AA)