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Largo Heights woman loses everything in fire

Largo Heights woman loses everything in fire


Largo Height residentS Heather Robinson is still figuring out her next move, following a fire that completely destroyed her house.{{more}}

Robinson, a vendor, shared her plight with SEARCHLIGHT earlier this week.

According to Robinson, at about 11 p.m. on Monday, she left home to go to Rose Place to secure a small hut where she stores her sale items.

“About five minutes after I leave, my daughter called me and tell me my house on fire and it done burn flat,” she recounted.

Robinson said when she returned home, all she could do was drop to her knees in disbelief at what had happened.

She said she had left a man, who was a friend of the family, in the house. Robinson said she had given the man until the end of the month to move out, but he refused.

“He been just staying there for a time,” she said.

“I left him alone in the house and look what happened. There was nothing to save. Just nothing. I feel it,” she lamented.

Robinson said she has lost just about everything in the fire, including her furniture and equipment.

The business woman said she had been planning to add another room to the house when her finances improved.

She said the man who was at the house has not come around since the incident.

“Me ain’t see him. When we been coming up in the car, after I hear the house on fire, I see he running coming down the hill, saying he was going to the police station… but is like up to now he ain’t reach by the station.

“I just recently spent $400 to wire the place and I was going to put him out, so I could put on the current next week. But I can’t do anything now, “she added.

For the time being, Robinson is living in her hut at Rose Place until she receives some assistance to rebuild her house.

Persons desirous of assisting Robinson may reach her at telephone numbers: 533 – 4512 and 491-1399. (KW)