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Glen Baptist Church launches Friday Night Lime

Glen Baptist Church  launches Friday Night Lime


It may be the end of the summer, but this Friday, August 30, is the official beginning of a new era in the way one local church is ministering to the holistic needs of Vincentians.{{more}}

The Glen Baptist Church, which is celebrating 30 years of ministry, launches its latest social outreach project, dubbed Friday Night Lime.

Under the leadership of Pastor Sylvester King, the Glen Baptist Church has been penetrating communities across St Vincent and the Grenadines in creatively original ways, such as interacting with men and women in their place of abode. In the villages of Glen, Calliaqua and Stubbs, Glen Baptist Church agents have entered shops, played dominoes and organized onsite Bible sessions and prayer among persons who would not otherwise come to church or interact with people of faith.

The Friday Night Lime is the latest pioneering programme, designed to show that Christianity — and Jesus Christ — still works and is still the practical answer for the world today. The Friday Night Lime aims to provide the ideal hang-out spot which showcases the fun side of Christianity, while providing a non-threatening spiritual environment for the unsaved to mingle and get closer to God.

The launch will begin from 7 p.m., right at the church grounds and will include many and varied samples of what Vincentians can expect each Friday night at the Friday Night Lime. One of the featured attractions is a karaoke session. The Friday Night Lime is also a place where friends and well wishers will be able to relax by being involved in various board games, such as dominoes, checkers, Scrabble and others.

Food and beverages are an important aspect of any public or private lime. The church is also providing the best tasting Vincentian cuisine at its weekly Friday Night Lime. Barbecue, soup, breadfruit and saltfish, lime juice, Bitter Lemon, Fruit Cocktail and other drinks are all in the mix. Pizzas, rotis, puddings, saltfish cakes and much more will all be available from week to week at the Friday Night Lime.

A major attraction of the Friday Night Lime is the various guest presentations that will be on display each week. It plans to be a project which will be a catalyst for bringing performers from various denominations together, for the purpose of evangelizing while having fun.

Stand-up comedy, drama, dance, poetry, singing, mimes, impromptu quizzes, treasure hunt and other fun activities will keep all members of the family happily involved at the Friday Night Lime. Teenagers and older children will enjoy the availability of live video games via Ps2 consoles.

At the launch on August 30, there will also be a bouncing castle, steel pan music and musical entertainment. The Friday Night Lime will also showcase the relevance of the gospel in music, as a live DJ will provide attractive and appealing music, that can match that of any public gathering.

The Glen Baptist Church invites one and all to its Friday Night Lime this and every Friday night.