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Burglars strike North Leeward gas station

Burglars strike North Leeward gas station


Less than four months after its much celebrated May 2 opening, the Audain’s gas station on the Chateaubelair waterfront was broken into during the wee hours of Monday morning and relieved of cash and supplies.{{more}}

Louislyn Harry, pump attendant and cashier at the establishment, told SEARCHLIGHT that she arrived at work at 6:55 a.m. on Monday and was about to open the doors to the booth, when she noticed that the locks were missing. Harry said she thought that the other attendant had forgotten to lock up, but upon entering the booth, she discovered the place ransacked and several items, along with cash, missing.

A more detailed tally may reveal additional losses, but Harry said that the burglars made off with about close to $800 in cash, which was money collected from the sale of soft drinks and phone credit. The phone used for topping up was also stolen. Motor oil, garbage bags, fishing lures and a brand new heavy-duty lock were also taken.

An examination of the property revealed that the adjacent building that housed a mini-mart, up until a month ago, was also vandalized during an attempt to enter the building through a side door.

The lone gas station in North Leeward was opened in May after four months of no service.

Proprietor Edgar Lewis, who is in New York, could not be reached for comment, but Chateaubelair police assured SEARCHLIGHT that investigations are being carried out into the matter and that everything is being done to bring those responsible face to face with the law.(TY)