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Woman claims she found needle in bread

Woman claims she found needle in bread


A Redemption Sharpes resident is expessing dissatisfaction with the way a complaint she made to the Allan Smith Family Bakery was handled.{{more}}

The woman, Natasha Butcher-Caine, said on August 22, she had a “chilling experience” when she found a sewing needle in a loaf of bread she claims she bought from the bakery.

According to Caine, she bought a bag containing six loaves of bread on August 20, from the bakery at Campden Park.

It was not until two days later, she said, that she discovered the needle, after she had prepared peanut butter sandwiches for her son and herself.

“When I took the first bite, and was about to take the second, I saw the sewing needle,” she explained.

“I was scared when I saw it, to be honest with you, because I was thinking, what if I had given this instead to my son,” Caine added.

The Redemption Sharpes resident said she does not usually buy bread from that bakery, but as she was in the area at the time, she decided to.

She said as soon as she discovered the needle, she called the bakery.

“I spoke to the assistant manager and he was talking to me on the phone, like he didn’t really care.

“He told me ‘I could understand if it’s a screw, but not a needle. We don’t have needles around here.’

“That man sound like he didn’t care and this could have been worse. It could have been my son I gave this to,” Caine stated.

Caine said she has filed a complaint with the Public Health Department.

When contacted yesterday, Lennox Prescott, assistant manager at Allan Smith Family Bakery said he found it strange that a sewing needle was found in a loaf of bread.

“I would not retract that statement. I’m saying, if it was a screw, I will expect that, but needles, we don’t have them around here, so it’s kind of strange.

“Not that I don’t believe her, but it’s a strange thing to find in bread,” he said.

Prescott, however, said he is relieved that no one was hurt.

The assistant manager said that in his telephone conversation with Caine, she indicated that she would come to the bakery, but never did.

“I am still available if she wants to meet. And if she needs a small redress, some kind of little satisfaction, I surely willing to do that,” he added.

Meanwhile, Medical Officer, Health Dr Roger Duncan, while not commenting on any specific food establishment, encouraged food establishments to comply with the Public Health Act of 1977 or face the consequences.

Duncan explained that food establishments, such as bakeries, are certified based on their operations and the persons who work at the establishments.

“We don’t go every day to look at what people are doing. For them to keep their standards, that’s their corporate responsibility, on one hand. On the other hand, we are urging every single consumer to be wary, to be vigilant about what is taking place in any food establishment to see the flow of things. The way people are dressed and the way people are doing things.”

Dr Duncan is encouraging persons to immediately report any findings and bring the evidence to the Ministry’s attention.

Duncan warned that food establishments found guilty of endangering a consumer’s health will be dealt with according to the Public Health Act, which could include the closure of the establishment and, in some cases, criminal charges. (AA)