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Vincentian author launches book

Vincentian author launches book


Vincentian author Jasmine Davis thinks that more needs to be done to uplift the black youth around the Caribbean.{{more}}

So much so, she has written a book entitled: “Modern day slave drivers,” which she says deals with the music that is influencing young people.

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT last week, Davis said during a trip to the Bahamas some years ago, she experienced for the first time, the music which young people of the Caribbean are listening to.

“The Dancehall music shocked me. It was very violent and sexual,” she said.

Davis, a first-time author, said she began doing slide shows and putting together presentations in various schools around the Bahamas and was later encouraged by one of the principals of the school to write a book.

Speaking briefly spoke about the content of the book, Davis said the book is a collection of her thoughts and observations over the years. She said the book analyses some of the lyrics of the songs and discusses how the Hip Hop and Dancehall cultures have influenced the Caribbean’s youth.

She noted that Hip hop music is having the same effect on black youth in Canada and the United States as Dancehall is having here.

“The lifestyles of these Hip Hop artistes have a big influence on the youth in the Caribbean and in St Vincent and the Grenadines, just the same as Dancehall music is having here, “ she stated.

“How are we going to get out Caribbean youth elevated? That has always been a real passion of mine for black youth…”

Davis said she has gone into a few private schools and groups here and has been getting great feedback.

She noted that the 110-page book also speaks to other issues, including planned parenthood and how it affects society.

The book will be officially launched on Friday, August 30 at Jujube bookstore and can be purchased at $35. Davis also indicated that her book will also be available for purchase on Amazon soon.

The book may also be purchased at Gaymes bookstore.

Davis said it is her plan is to travel to the Turks and Caicos Islands to teach in schools there and work her way back down to the south, doing research for other books.(KW)