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Youths urging residents not to pollute Biabou Bay

Youths urging residents not to pollute Biabou Bay


The youths of the Biabou Seventh Day Adventist Church partnered with the St Vincent Children Federation to clean up the beach front of the Biabou Bay on August 20.{{more}}

Almost 40 bags of garbage were collected from the sea front.

The youths and children are now urging persons in the community to desist from dumping garbage in rivers and seas to protect our marine life, as we aim to maintain the cleanliness of our beaches and environment.

A release from the youths encourages the public to get involved in the fight against litter in SVG. There are simple things you can do: get involved in a local clean-up in your area; keep streets, sidewalks, parking lots and storm drains free of trash – they can empty into our water– ways and oceans; at the beach, dispose of all trash in garbage bins or take your trash home with you; pick up any litter you see while out; serve as an example to others; encourage your friends and family to help keep the beaches and oceans clean.

“We must all think about what we choose to buy and discard to reduce the amount of litter that ends up in the ocean and on our beaches,” the release said.