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Vincies lime, dine at Vincy Day – USA

Vincies lime, dine at Vincy Day – USA


Vincentians from across the United States of America, Canada and St Vincent and the Grenadines gathered in their thousands at the Heckscher State Park on Long Island last Saturday to celebrate the second annual Vincy Day – USA.{{more}}

Held fittingly under the theme: “Together as One”, those present came by bus charters, car pools or in private vehicles, and fellowshipped, feasted and frolicked on a day of fun.

Dressed in the national colours – blue, yellow and green and sporting other Vincentian paraphernalia, persons moved around the numerous pitched tents and decorated tables to mingle with their fellow Vincentians.

There was no shortage of food and drink, as Vincentians shared their fare with those who chose not to take any food to the venue.

From North American staples to vintage Vincentian cuisine; from barbecue to breadfruit roasted on the spot, the aroma filled the air, adding colour to the occasion.

One common feature of the day was the frequent outbursts of joy, followed by embraces, as persons met others whom they had not blessed their eyes on for many years.

“The last time I saw you, was back in primary school in St Vincent,” remarked one woman as she hugged and kissed another female, her former school mate of close to forty years ago.

“I was reluctant to come, but now that I have, I am not going to miss next year’s”, said another, as she dined on some rice and peas, ox-tail and vegetables.

In between the day’s camaraderie, there was an official ceremony and cultural package, which included religious and secular performances.

Among those who graced the stage were Brigo Lynch, Monodello Oliver, Maddzart, Philly Dilly, Tamisha Nicholls, Lively, Scorcher, Winston Soso and Skinny Fabulous.

And, in keeping with the spirit of the day, the performers did so free of charge.

The cultural package also included United Vinci Cultural group, Wayne Commissiong, on pan, Twentieth Century USA, as well as glimpses from mas bands — CPI, Mas Production and Devine mas camp.

St Vincent and the Grenadines Consul General to New York Selmon Walters, who is also the chair of the committee which organizes the Vincy Day – USA activities, in reviewing last Saturday’s event said: “…It was heart-warming to see the love and sharing for which Vincentians are known. Families didn’t just bring food and drinks for themselves, rather, they brought for anyone who wished to share. It was Vincentian hospitality at its best… the day was a resounding success.

“…We will begin immediately to plan for Vincy Day – USA 2014”, Walters confirmed.(RT)