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Third form Kingstown student gone missing

Third form Kingstown student gone missing


The relatives of a third form student who has gone missing are appealing to anyone with information on her whereabouts to inform authorities immediately.{{more}}

Aaiesha Dublin, also known to family members and friends as Tamara Dublin, was last seen by her Block 2000 home circle on Thursday, August 15, as she left to attend Vacation Bible School (VBS) at a church in Kingstown.

“Mommy usually go VBS with them because she has to help out with the kids, but because she had to bring my daughter to Mount Wynne, she told Aaiesha that she can go ahead… and when VBS over to come home,” Kaiwannie Quashie, Aaiesha’s sister, told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday.

Quashie explained that the Bible School usually finishes at 1p.m., and when family members saw that she did not return home that afternoon, they began to get worried.

“…So everybody start panicking now, and then they go and ask this lady from church, and then she say people see Aaiesha in Tokyo walking up and down,” she said.

Quashie said that the police were notified that the girl was missing, and as the hours turned to days, the family searched frantically for Dublin.

They received reports of her being spotted in different areas of Redemption Sharpes, and at one time with another girl in Frenches, on the outskirts of Kingstown.

Despite these leads, up to press time Wednesday, Aaiesah had not been located.

“A lady yesterday told us that she came there on Saturday and she asked to talk to their mother, and when the mother came out she say ‘Way you doing out here them hours here, your mother know you dey out?’ and she say ‘Yes’ and she say ‘Yo sure you ain’t run way?’ and she say ‘No’… and the mother say she ask her if she could sleep there for the night and she say no, they are full and she say ‘Okay then’… and they (the woman’s children) follow her up the top of the hill and they went ‘Hollywood’ side and she say she going over McKies Hill by some friends,” Quashie related.

“She should have hold her there and call the police [so that] when the police come they would take her to the police station and get information.”

The worried sister said that as far as she is aware, her younger sister does not have any issues at home, and despite speculations, her sister is not in need of anything.

She is of the opinion that her sister, who is set to enter third form at the Thomas Saunders Secondary School, is only seeking freedom away from home, but has some words of caution for her sister.

“We are making an appeal for her to come home, because we know how the place going, and it ain’t safe,” she pleaded.

Aaiesha left home in a grey V-neck tank top and a pair of long blue jeans, with silver patterns on the back pockets. She has, however, been spotted wearing different clothes. Aaiesha has short hair, and carries a blue and black knapsack on her back.

A call to the police confirmed that a report had been made, and that efforts to locate the child were continuing. (JJ)