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LIME hands over scholarship cheques to students

LIME hands  over  scholarship cheques  to students


Telecommunications services provider LIME this week awarded one full scholarship and eight part scholarships, to students beginning secondary education.{{more}}

Leonique Wickham received one of the two internal scholarships offered to the children of employees, and since there wasn’t a second internal recipient this year, the funds were divided and distributed to other external students, who would not normally have received financial support.

Leonique, the daughter of LIME employee Leon Wickham and schoolteacher Gaylene Wickham, will be attending the Girls’ High School.

LIME acting general manager Andrea Liverpool, speaking to the students at the company’s conference room in Kingstown, encouraged the students with some words of wisdom, exhorting them to be committed, if they want to reach their goals.

“Let no one dissuade you from achieving your dreams…. Continue to excel and strive for greatness.

“A good education is the key out of poverty, and you must make the best out of this opportunity,” Liverpool informed the students.

“If you want to be successful, you have to sacrifice the time to study, the time to practise and you have to be committed. Today’s preparation determines tomorrow’s achievements.”

Liverpool also urged the parents who were present to support their children as they embark on their journey to become the nation’s future leaders.

LIME has been providing students and parents around St Vincent and the Grenadines with scholarships for more than thirty years, ensuring that approximately 28 students are provided with the support needed as they embark on secondary and tertiary education.

The scholarships for students entering the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College will be presented at a later date.

The winner of the LIME sponsored national public speaking competition, Lexie Selmon, was on hand to accept her scholarship, one of the prizes she earned for winning the competition last October.

The acting GM reaffirmed the commitment of her company to the development of education of young people in the nation, through the sponsorship of the competition, the scholarships, and the Internet Summer School, which came to an end this week.

“These are just a few examples of the demonstration of our support for the students of St Vincent and the Grenadines in their pursuit of academic excellence,” Liverpool stated.

The other recipients of scholarships to secondary schools this year are Sariah Jackson, Johannes Layne, Shumar Jack, Chelsea Lewis, Janique Nichols, Mae Pierre, Melissa Pope and Laury Samuel.