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Youth stabbed to death at Arnos Vale

Youth stabbed to death at Arnos Vale


As he took his last breath, 21-year-old Domarley Miller said what the persons gathered around him already knew, but were unwilling to accept.{{more}}

He was going to die.

Miller, affectionately known as “Marley” by others, whispered “Ah dead now” to his relative, in whose arms he lay, in a narrow one-track shortcut some time after 3 last Saturday morning.

The Fountain youth died from a stab wound to the left side of his chest, which police in a report say was inflicted by Sion Hill resident Alvin Hannaway, with a knife.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that the stabbing took place during an altercation earlier that morning.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that Hannaway, 41, a construction worker, is currently a patient at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, recovering from injuries he sustained during the altercation.

According to information received, Hannaway was discovered by police close to where Miller died, suffering from multiple injuries.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited the area in Arnos Vale where Miller died, another relative who came on the scene moments after the stabbing, said that individuals tried to save the young man, and believe that he may have been saved, had medical assistance arrived sooner.

“We went round by my sister who had a get–together for her daughter who did good for CXC,” Rochelle Audain told SEARCHLIGHT.

“We came home ten minutes past one, and five minutes after I hear my sister calling me ‘Rochelle we have a boy round here who get stabbed, call 911’.

“I called 911 right away, but they didn’t come until two hours after. When he had plenty life in his body they didn’t come.

Audain said that she also made a call to the Rapid Response Unit base nearby, and they turned up to secure the scene.

According to Audain, when the ambulance arrived, Miller was already dead. She believes that the possibility is great that he may have still been alive today, if the ambulance had come sooner.

“If we have an emergency number… it should be connected to the hospital… the hospital connected to the ambulance, and the dispatcher could keep you on line to give more information to the police.”

Audain told SEARCHLIGHT that she was uncertain as to what led up to the tragedy, but it was her understanding that her cousin and his friends got into an argument with the suspect.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that the men were travelling in a passenger van when the dispute started.

After exiting the vehicle in the area of the roundabout at Arnos Vale, a squabble took place, resulting in the deceased and his friends chasing the suspect to the area where Miller died.

Up to press time, it was uncertain if the fatal injury was inflicted on Miller at the beginning of the skirmish, or in the area where he died.

SEARCHLIGHT also visited the home of Miller’s mother Veronica, who declined an interview, saying that she was not in a frame of mind to speak at the moment.

She, however, informed SEARCHLIGHT that her son was the fifth of six children; he had two brothers and three sisters.

This is not the first time young Miller had become embroiled in a confrontation with an armed individual.

In November last year, accompanied by other individuals, Miller gave chase to two men, one carrying a handgun, who had snatched his mother’s gold chain from her neck.

Miller and the other men cornered the bandits in the KFC outlet at Arnos Vale, where they administered blows before police arrived on the scene.

In a sad and unfortunate twist for Miller, the results of this chase were not to be the same.