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St Vincent Employers’ Federation holds career development seminar

St Vincent Employers’ Federation holds career development seminar


Young Vincentians were earlier this week equipped with knowledge that should make them better prepared to enter the country’s workforce.{{more}}

Under the theme, “Choices: Exploring your Options, Defining your Choice”, the St Vincent Employers’ Federation held a career development seminar on Wednesday and Thursday at the Kingstown Methodist Church Hall.

President of the Federation Helena Thomas explained to participants the reason for the seminar.

“This is the beginning of what will be an annual event from this point on,” Thomas said.

“We want to help you to be prepared for whatever your choices are from this point in your life.”

Thomas noted that, while it is not always the case, when individuals begin applying for jobs, there is often a disconnection between the person and their resumé.

“Sometimes you have a well prepared application and resumé that jumps out at you and you say ‘Yes, this is the one’ and then you have an applicant who turns up either ill-prepared or unprepared for the interview and vice versa, a badly presented application and resumé with a candidate who is the ideal person for the job,” the president said.

Furthermore, she encouraged the participants to make full use of the resources that were available to them at the two-day workshop.

“The Employers’ Federation believes that with a better prepared workforce, not only our members benefit, but the country as a whole.”

Education officer for career guidance Kathleen Jeffers also urged particpants to embrace the opportunities afforded to them by being a part of the workshop.

Additionally, she commended the Federation for hosting the career development seminar.

In reference to the theme, Jeffers listed the many choices that one would have to make while considering their career path and urged students to explore their options.

“The decisions or choices which you make now, or in the past, do not have to define how successful you become in later life, because there may be other options that you have not examined,” she told participants.

Jeffers advised participants to set goals for themselves and plan for the future.

“We need to set our goals. We need to set short term goals, medium term and long term goals and we need to work with what we have. If we plan, we are going to go on a straight path,” she said.

In her short remarks, Zyniek McKie, vice president of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Students Association (VINSA) highlighted several benefits to be derived from attending the University of the West Indies and listed a few past students who have achieved successful careers, including 2012 valedictorian Terral Mapp.

Additionally, McKie encouraged participants to strive for the best.

“Remember ‘Inspire, Believe, Achieve’. We are here to inspire you, and if you believe, by the grace of God, you can achieve,” she said.

Projecting a professional image, pursuing educational goals and marketing oneself and ones skills were some topics discussed during the seminar.

Booths run by Youth Business SVG, St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College, UWI Open Campus and VINSA were on hand to presented relevant information to participants as well as to provide answers to any of their questions.(BK)