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CDC chairman appeals to LIAT to resolve issues

CDC chairman appeals to LIAT to resolve issues


The difficulties experienced by persons traveling by LIAT for Vincy Mas have been described as a nightmare by Minister of Tourism and Culture Cecil McKie.{{more}}

“It is a nightmare hearing persons coming to the country, of the horror stories getting and leaving here,” McKie said.

The regional airline has been a super platinum sponsor for Vincy Mas over 20 years.

“Thankfully, 2014 and beyond, we will have a real option to us with the building of the international airport… a possibility of an ease to the travelling nightmares,” McKie said last Thursday, during the prize-giving ceremony of the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC).

According to McKie, over 10,000 visitors visited St Vincent for Vincy Mas last year. He, however, noted that this year’s figures are not yet available, but he is confident the numbers will be within the same range.

Meanwhile, chairman of the CDC Dennis Ambrose is asking for a better deal from LIAT, saying that we, here in SVG have endured the regional airline’s problems over the years.

He appealed to the regional airline to resolve the problems.

“We don’t hear it happening for Antigua Carnival, not for Spice Mas, not for Crop-over, not for St Lucia, nor for Trinidad Carnival.

“I think it is time enough that LIAT, our partner in Vincy Mas, take some concerted, genuine, corrective measures at resolving this.

“It is an embarrassment to the country, to the Government and to people like you and me, who put heart and soul into producing this marvelous festival that is the envy of many other nations, when people have difficulty getting here and leaving here,” Ambrose said.

“We are again asking LIAT to act genuinely to resolve this problem favourably for St Vincent and the Grenadines. We have endured this for too many years. We are sure that the time has come to give us a better deal. I am sure we deserve it,” the CDC chairman added. (AA)