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BCEF urges scholarship recipients to study hard

BCEF urges scholarship recipients to study hard


Six recipients of the Basil Charles Educational Foundation (BCEF) scholarships were encouraged to study hard so that they can have better lives in the future.{{more}}

Vanique Lewis, Jada Peters, Jodeesa Ashton and Kasankie Williams were all beneficiaries of full scholarships, while Jmarsk Pierre and Randesha Franklyn both received bursaries, which will be increased to scholarships if they do well in their first year of secondary education.

At the presentation ceremony on Tuesday, Basil Charles noted that although there is an economic downturn, the BCEF continues to help in any way possible.

The businessman also encouraged students to have realistic dreams that will better the lives of their families as well as themselves.

“I’m not asking anyone to be doctors or lawyers or anything. We just want you to help your family and be better people,” Charles said. “Be educated so that you can get better jobs and if you’re bright enough to be a scientist, do that, but that shouldn’t be your main purpose to go to school.”

In addition, Charles pleaded with the parents of the children to use the money wisely.

“We are begging all the parents and all of the guardians to please use the money wisely and make sure the kids go to school and do their homework so they can become better persons,” he said.

Since its inception in 1995, the BCEF has helped a total of 174 students through its full-time scholarship program as well as bursaries. In 2010, the foundation collaborated with the Ministry of National Mobilization and the Ministry of Education to deliver an Early Childhood Education programme that aids a number of pre-schools in the country.

The Blues Festival is also synonymous with the foundation as all proceeds go toward helping the children that are a part of the BCEF. (BK)