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Sharpes youth chopped to death

Sharpes youth chopped  to death


Kendal Gabriel sat in his porch on Tuesday afternoon, eating a half-ripe mango, because he was unable to eat anything else after witnessing his son dying before his eyes.{{more}}

Gabriel’s son, Keland Gabriel of Redemption Sharpes, was this country’s 15th murder victim on Monday afternoon, after he succumbed to a chop wound to his chest.

Reports indicate that Keland, 24, received the chop wound to his chest by another individual from the same area.

It is alleged that the two were engaged in a quarrel over a cigarette.

The incident took place in Plan, Redemption Sharpes sometime after 4 p.m.

The deceased’s father Kendal Gabriel told SEARCHLIGHT, during a visit to their home located below the road that links Green Hill and Redemption Sharpes, that although he and his son had their fallouts, he still loved him.

The grieving father explained that he and his son had a recent misunderstanding, where he had asked him to leave the home.

“He came and asked for forgiveness….

“Even though me and he had a little misunderstanding, he was one of my children and I does always tell them, regardless, I still love them.

“He didn’t want to move. He wanted to live here. He wanted to be around me, because he use to tell me, ‘daddy, I love you. Regardless to what happen, I still love you daddy. I love you’,” the father said, with teary eyes.

On the day of the incident, Gabriel said Keland was home all morning, before leaving home the afternoon when he met his death.

“I left and went around the road about 3 o’clock and to be honest I went and looked for a phone card and drank a rum, because, honestly, I do drink a rum….

“When I came home he (Keland) said he was going around the road because this guy had money for him,” Gabriel explained.

“When I came back home and done bathe and everything, put on my pants to get ready to work, one he friends came and told me that a guy chop him in he chest,” he added.

Gabriel, who is a security guard, said he didn’t have on any shoes or shirt when the individual came by his home to inform him about what had transpired.

“From the time the guy called me all I could have done was put on a jersey and my slippers. Me other son, Kevron ran go round before me and I went behind him.

“When I go round there I met them putting him in a vehicle in a tarpaulin and me and this one (Kevron) jump in the back and held up his (Keland’s) head.”

During the interview, Gabriel displayed a silver chain he was wearing and revealed that it belonged to his son.

“This chain that I have around my neck is what he had on when he was chopped and died. He also had two earrings and I have those in a pocket inside.

“When he came here Saturday, he brought three different parcels with flesh, piece of pork, beef and liver.

“Yesterday before he go away, he took out the beef, cut it up, season it and he fried some. I said ok, let me eat piece with you.

“The other parcel that is there, I am not eating that until his funeral. And if possible I am not eating it. That is to keep in remembrance of him,” he added.

Keland’s older brother, Kevron, said he and his brother were close. He said they were home all morning “just chilling,” before his brother decided to go out.

“I left to go and pick some mango for him to go and sell and when I got back home I was told he gone round the road.

“I’m still in shock. I still can’t believe that is what really happened. I lost my brother.

“I didn’t see the cut until I got to the hospital. His entire chest plate is what I saw chopped out,” the depressed brother stated.

According to police reports, a man is assisting with investigations. (AA)