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Breathtaking nature mural unveiled at Save-A-Lot

Breathtaking nature mural unveiled at Save-A-Lot


After months of working in varying weather conditions, the Contemporary Young Artists Movement (CYAM) have finally completed a mural that merges six tourism sites into one breathtaking package.{{more}}

An official unveiling ceremony was held on location on Tuesday, opposite the National Insurance Services (NIS) building.

The Owia Salt Pond, Black Point Tunnel, Botanical Gardens, Darkview Falls, Vermont Nature Trail and Wallilabou Falls are the major sites depicted in the mural.

Art lecturer Vonnie Roudette noted that the mural was geared toward making the area more appealing for visitors, while developing in islanders an appreciation of art and their natural heritage.

The art lecturer also observed that a great deal of technical work went into the outstanding piece of artwork and explained the aesthetics between the flow of one site into another.

“Essentially, the mural is designed to take the viewer from the top left hand corner, Owia Salt Pond, through the tunnel, back up to the nature trail and come down to Wallilabou Falls,” Roudette said. “Visually there’s that sort of journey that’s been designed to guide the eye through all these different sites.”

Roudette explained that while persons had negative comments at the beginning of the project, a sense of ownership toward the mural has now developed in persons in the community.

“There were other comments that revealed a lack of confidence in our ability. However, when the colour work started, all the negative comments and doubts completely went away. As we progressed with painting, the wall began to stake its claim on the hearts of islanders,” she said.

In addition, she stated that there were many benefits to be derived from the artwork.

“The mural has become a place to visit in itself,” Roudette said. “It’s poised to redefine the space in which it stands, but also the understanding of the arts in society and the role that the youths can play in transforming their environment.”

Cecil Mckie, Minister of Tourism, Sports and Culture, described the mural as a proud moment for St Vincent and the Grenadines, particularly because of its location, as it would serve to promote the country.

“I am proud this morning to behold this mural that certainly would have lifted this area and created a wonderful entry point to the visitors that come in by cruise ship,” Mckie said. “We also have a number of yachts that come into this area, so they will also be beneficiaries of this wonderful mural.”

The Minister also noted the exceptional talent of the students that worked on the project and said it is the intention to have more artwork done on the rest of the walls of Save-A-Lot.

“It means, therefore, that we can right now extend an invitation to the business sector, to any individual…we will have phase two, phase three and phase four of this project that will allow us to complete the entire face of the wall, so that we can have other murals that will complete the entrance to our city,” he said.

Sponsors behind the project expressed happiness in being a part of the beautification of the city and shared their desire to see more artwork produced in other places.

Under the instruction of Roudette, the young artists that worked on the masterpiece include Sean Roache, Alexandra Mascoll, Kithesha James, Joy Celestine, Chante Ferdinand, Olivia Stephens and Lee-Andra Thompson.