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Teenage girl returns home

Teenage girl returns home


Seventeen-year-old Niala Nero was reunited with her family last week, just hours after SEARCHLIGHT published an appeal for her to return home.{{more}}

Niala’s mother Angelina told SEARCHLIGHT that the Bethel High School student returned to their Campden Park home, some time after 10 on Friday morning.

“I guess somebody saw the SEARCHLIGHT where she was staying, and tell her to come home,” the mother said.

“She apologized. That was the first thing she did.”

On June 28, with the aid of a friend, Niala packed a bag and left her parents’ home, two days before her mother was due to return from Trinidad, where she had gone to have hip replacement surgery.

Angelina told SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday that her daughter had spent the time away from home with a friend in the Calliaqua area.

She admitted that some trust had been lost, but the family would work together to rebuild.

This, she noted, would take some time.

“We are just taking it one step at a time. There is a lot to consider and digest, and we are just happy that she is back home,” Angelina said. (JJ)