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CMT gears up to grab J’Ouvert Band of the Year title

CMT gears up to grab  J’Ouvert Band of the Year title


Organizers of the Country Meets Town (CMT) J’Ouvert band say measures have been put in place to ensure that all goes well this year and that the “J’Ouvert Band of the Year” title returns to the Marriaqua Valley.{{more}}

In any event, it is all about having fun, Carlos James, a member of Team CMT told SEARCHLIGHT.

And although the band, which he said is dubbed the people’s champion, missed out on capturing the J’Ouvert Band of the Year title for a fourth consecutive year last year, the ultimate objective is to come and have fun.

“The disappointment was great, but it was beyond our control,” James explained.

“And that brought joy because we know people knew it was the biggest ever – so it was unfortunate that we did not get judged, but we will be on the street early to ensure that everything goes right,” James continued.

The colour of choice for this year’s presentation is blue, “Supa Blue” one may add.

“This came up when Team CMT met and we came up with a colour,” he said.

In the past they have gone with purple, orange, green and last year – white.

But according to James, this year the colour will be blue to follow on the success of the 2013 joint Soca Monarch Champion of Trinidad and Tobago – Super Blue.

James said that CMT is the only all-inclusive J’Ouvert band, so revellers will be provided with quality body paint, compliments Sissons Paints of Grenada, bandannas, cups whistles and drinks.

The band is jointly sponsored and so named Stag/SLR Country Meets Town, and according to James, patrons can partake in beverages, including Smirnoff, Stag, SLR, Sparrow and for the women, Nutz n’ Rum all for $25.

“We push that in these hard economic times there are so many fetes taking place during the carnival and we don’t want to have an event priced where they cannot enjoy themselves,” James explained.

James further stated that there was a request from the patrons last year in relation to the venue, and so this year the festivities have moved to the Corea’s Bayview Car Park on Bay Street.

“Because of the venue last year, we had a smaller area for the bar, so persons complained that they did not get to go back to the bar as often as they wanted, so we have moved to a bigger and better venue,” he said.

“Our thing is to please the fans,” he added.

Patrons are encouraged to come and have a good time as, according to James, security has been taken care of and will be provided, so all J’Ouvert revellers will have to do is purchase their tickets early and come and have a good time.

The action starts at 12:01 a.m on July 8. (DD)