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Agro-business expert in place to help general public – Caesar

Agro-business expert in place to help general public – Caesar


The Ministry of Agriculture now has an expert in place to provide technical guidance about investment in agriculture.{{more}}

At a press conference held at the ministry’s conference room last week, Ministry of Agriculture Saboto Caesar said that agro-business expert Calvin King is now in place to provide services to the general public.

Caesar said that the ministry realized that there is a lack of information as to the opportunities and the possibilities that can be garnered from investing in agriculture, and their research had proven that over the past decade, investment in agriculture was only done by farmers.

According to Caesar, there are ample opportunities to be derived from investing in agriculture, “but if the public is not informed, then they won’t know.

“You are not seeing an emergence and a growth from entrepreneurs. You’re also seeing the children of the farmers joining the public service or who are going into other businesses, not showing a ready willingness to invest in agriculture,” the agriculture minister said.

“Therefore, we would have located our agro-business expert Calvin King in a very convenient place where he can make his services available to the general public.

“And if you notice, I am not saying it’s for the farmers only, but to young persons. To teachers, lawyers, medical doctors or to persons who are of the view that they can make a living from agriculture, along with the livelihoods that they are already in,” Caesar added. (AA)