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Joy-C checks out of hospital to perform

Joy-C checks out of hospital to perform


Not even a stroke could have prevented calypsonian Brigette “Joy-C” Creese from doing the one thing she loves most – singing calypso.{{more}}

Two days after she was admitted to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, having suffered a stroke, Creese, a former calypso queen and a semi-finalist in this year’s national calypso competition, did the unthinkable.

She checked herself out of the hospital to perform.

“I was a semi-finalist and I had to be there to sing. In my mind, no substitute had the right to sing in my place. If I couldn’t sing, then the substitute could have done so, but I got there,” Creese said with a smile as she sat on her bed at the Female Medical Ward of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

She said doctors at the hospital advised against her decision, but Creese said she had to go and “represent” because singing is what she loves to do.

“I just went and did what I had to do because that’s just me. I’m a calypsonian. That is in me…,” Creese said.

According to the three-time national calypso monarch and three-time queen of calypso, she woke up on Tuesday, June 18, feeling as though she had suffered a stroke, but said she only went to the hospital the following day, where it was confirmed.

“I didn’t want to believe that it was a stroke I was having, so I came to the hospital on Wednesday morning….”

She explained that on Friday, the day of the national calypso semi-finals at Victoria Park, she had to “deliver my message to the people.

“I told the doctors I checking out and they told me that I was taking a risk.”

Creese said she replied “God will deal with that!”

When asked if she thought her decision was worth it, Creese said “One part of me still saying yes, because I did what I love doing best and that is to sing for the people.”

The brave woman says she has no regrets about her decision to leave the hospital, and said she would have done it again, if she had reached the calypso finals and was still at the hospital.

Creese, a cancer survivor, added that she does not care what people think about her decision, and noted that she’s glad she did it.

“Anything with positively, I stand for it. It was a joy and I am happy that I performed. I am satisfied with the judges’ decision. That is final,” Creese said.

However, following at her performance, Creese checked herself back into the hospital after complaining of feeling dizzy.

Creese told SEARCHLIGHT that the stroke has affected her right leg and arm and also the left front part of her brain.

According to Creese, she has been informed by a physiotherapist that it will take approximately six months before she regains full use of her limbs.

Seemingly undaunted by all that has transpired, Creese said she is just looking towards the future.

“This means I have enough time to recuperate for Trinidad’s Carnival. I’m done for now. I’m not in the calypso finals, so it works out good. I have enough time for Trinidad in February,” she chuckled.(KW)