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Time for female COP – Attorney Grant Connell

Time for female COP – Attorney Grant Connell


Attorney Grant Connell has suggested that the time has come for a female to take over as Commissioner of Police.{{more}}

Connell made the suggestion on Wednesday, after stating that Commissioner of Police Keith Miller had acted irresponsibly in the matter in which Connell’s client, Dwaine Sandy, was held in custody for 48 hours, in connection with a robbery and shooting incident in Kingstown.

“Maybe it is time for a female commissioner to get these men around her, and make wise decisions…,” Connell said, shortly after Sandy was released from police custody.

Sandy was released without any charge being laid against him.

Connell said Miller, as Commissioner, is out of his depth.

“He’s been swimming in water beyond his depths from the beginning. I actually sympathise with the good man. Right now, we need somebody at the helm who can deal with the situation…,” Connell said.

Miller’s tenure as Commissioner will end on July 15, SEARCHLIGHT has been informed.

Connell said it is time we break away from what has been embedded in us by our colonial masters, that a Commissioner of Police should be a man.

“Maybe it is time to get a woman. One who can make decisions. A real man will tell you if there is a problem, you turn to a woman and they make a decision…,” he said.

Connell said it is his hope that the police find the perpetrator of the robbery and shooting incident and put society at rest.

On June 13, a female office attendant of the Postal Corporation was returning from a bank with over $100,000 in a deposit bag when a man snatched it away from her.

Julanie Jack, a police constable, was on the scene at the time of the robbery and after attempting to accost the robber, he was shot twice.

Up to press time, Jack was still a patient at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.(KW)