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Four in a row for international designer

Four in a row for international designer


Fashion designer and former Miss SVG Kimon Baptiste is celebrating a double win on the big stage.{{more}}

Baptiste, the 1999 pageant winner, is this year celebrating having designed the dress that won the “Best in Evening Gown” award and also being the chaperone of the winning contestant, Shara George.

“I had a queen before, but she did not win best evening gown,” Baptiste told SEARCHLIGHT last week.

George, Miss Mustique Company Ltd, earned the crown at the show held at the Victoria Park last Saturday.

“She (Shara) is the first queen I’ve had, that won best evening gown and also the pageant, so that was exciting for me.

Baptiste says that she and her protégé are now looking forward to their next hurdle, the Miss Carival pageant, slated for June 28.

“I am going to let the creative juices flow, and we will be working together so that we can bring the crown. I think she can do it.”

This is the fifth in all, and fourth consecutive time, that a contestant wearing a gown designed and made by Baptiste, has won the evening gown category.

Baptiste said that this year’s design, entitled “Isere Savoy”, is actually a two-in-one outfit that took her a longer than usual time to put together.

The international designer told SEARCHLIGHT that she welcomed the new stipulation, which mandated that the dresses for the pageant should be created by local designers and dressmakers, and although this rule was not adhered to, it gives local creators the opportunity to showcase their talent.

“At the end of the day, when contestants come here for Miss Carival, they come bringing designs from their country, so it is only fair that for our local show that we utilize our local talent, and also, when it comes to Miss Carival as well, we continue utilizing our local talent. That’s the only way that we will grow creatively, because we get to compete on a Caribbean level.”

Giving her feedback on the June 1 pageant, Baptiste said that she supported all the contestants, and that she would offer constructive criticism and ideas where they would be useful.

These ideas and criticisms she did not share with SEARCHLIGHT.

“I was involved on an intimate level,” she pointed out.

“I went to all the practice sessions with my contestant and I know that the girls all worked hard, and they all brought their own personalities to the table.

“I think it takes a lot of courage to get on that stage, having been there myself. I can tell you that it took a lot of courage, and not everyone can handle that pressure, and I think that some of the performances suffered because of fear; not everyone can handle that fear… not everyone could handle being in front of that massive crowd…. I am not going to criticize any girl, because I know how hard it is, and I know what it takes to step on that stage.”

“I am always open to giving suggestions, and I will always make suggestions.

“The onus is on those who are in authority to take the suggestions from myself, or anybody else for that matter, who would have been involved in the show over the years…. That I will do privately.”(JJ)