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Fete King maddzart releases “Dust To Dawn” – an erotic novel

Fete King maddzart releases “Dust To Dawn” – an erotic novel


Tue June 11, 2013

After years of writing short stories, songs and plays, Raeon Primus aka The Fete King Maddzart has embarked on a new journey, adding to his list of talents the title of author.{{more}}

The now self-published author, who has released his first novel “Dust To Dawn,” an erotic novel, is confident that his work will be well received, accepted and enjoyed.

The novel, which is set during Vincy Mas, features stories of sexual escapades, betrayal, confusion, comedy, music and revelry.

With fictitious stories shared in “Dust To Dawn”, this novel may be real to many persons in modern day society.

“Dust To Dawn is real in so many ways,” stated Maddzart in response to anyone who may assume that the stories are farfetched or unrealistic before reading his novel.

Written solely by The Fete King Maddzart, “Dust To Dawn” is now available for purchase via Lulu for US$10. Being the creative individual that The Fete King Maddzart is, a downloadable novel is not the only thing he has up his sleeve, as it will be made available in limited hard copies and via CD.

As the stories have been set in this erotic tone, “Dust To Dawn” also highlights the consequences of the decisions made by the characters in the novel. “For every action there is a reaction and consequence,” said Maddzart.

Part two is in the works; you will understand why after reading his first novel.

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