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SVGTU to review policy of universal access to secondary education for 110th anniversary

SVGTU to review policy of  universal access to secondary education for 110th anniversary


A review of this country’s policy of universal access to secondary education is one of the activities which the St Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers Union (SVGTU) plans for its 110th anniversary celebrations, this year.{{more}}

The Union plans to hold a conference with stakeholders, and look at the system that was introduced in 2005, commonly called the “Education Revolution”, while charting a way forward for education in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“It has been some eight years now that we have had that access to secondary education in our country,” public relations officer Vibert Lampkin said, at a press conference held at Union headquarters at McKies Hill on Wednesday.

“We are aiming to review that, and what is happening, and how it, if in any way, has carried the education system forward, and what are some of the drawbacks it has, and how we can improve on those drawbacks, to ensure that we get maximum out of the system,” Lampkin added.

“We are aiming to bring all our stakeholders on board, so that together we can examine the process, and see how we can refine the process to ensure that we get better quality education coming down throughout the education system, all the way from early childhood to university level.”

The union, which has gone by different names over the years, was established in 1903 as an association, and registered as a trade union in 1952.

Lampkin said that a commemorative magazine is also in the works to be published by the union, which will feature historical facts about the union and feature the achievements of the organization over the years.

Lampkin said the union’s website will also be upgraded, and the union intends to get more interactive, with the launching of television and radio programmes.

“These two programmes, are aimed to get the general public to know and understand the work of the Teachers’ Union, and also to get from the general public how best we can shape the Teachers’ Union to meet the challenges which exist in the nation and the wider world.

“We are also aiming to do a feature on each of the past presidents,” Lampkin told the media.

“There are many past presidents among us, and we will be featuring them on television, so we can have a history of the tenure that they served this union.”

Lampkin noted that it would not be a case of all work and no play, as the union marks the milestone.

“We will engage in activities which would bring our membership in social settings, such as sports and other areas,” he said.(JJ)