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Coreas Hazells gives CDC keys to prize cars

Coreas Hazells gives  CDC keys to prize cars


The decision by Coreas Hazells Inc to provide the two vehicles to complement the prizes awarded to the Soca and Calypso Monarchs was made long before the company became agents for Carib and Heineken beer.{{more}}

According to Joel Providence, managing director of Coreas Hazells Inc, he heard the call of the Soca and Calypso artistes last year, when they spoke of the need for an increase in prize money.

“We understood the merit of their argument and chairman [Dennis] Ambrose responded and I understood his position. I felt then, beer or no beer, that we should step up to the plate and this is what we have done,” Providence said.

Providence was speaking last Friday, at the official handover of two Nissan Skylines to the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) at Bayview Car Park on Bay Street.

Coreas Hazells deferred an announcement of their intention, he said, and during this period, the company acquired the agency for Carib, Heineken, Stag, Mackeson and Royal Extra Stout, among others.

They were then advised by the chief executive officer (CEO) of the CDC, Ashford Wood, that existing contractual obligations meant there were some restrictions.

“In itself there is nothing wrong with this and we informed the CDC that despite this limitation, that we were going ahead with our donation of the two vehicles,” Providence said.

“And as a consequence, we would have noted what would have transpired in the media and the public domain,” he added.

Providence said, as a company, Coreas preferred to operate outside the glare of headlines.

“But, for whatever reason, we were thrust into the spotlight.”

He said that it was the wish of the company that something similar could have been done for some of the artistes of years gone by, including “The Professor”, “Mighty Leader”, “Vibrating Scakes” or “Toiler”.

Providence also mentioned monarchs such as Alston “Becket” Cyrus, Winston Soso, Scorcher and Cornelius “Poorsah” Williams.

Dennis Ambrose, chairman of the CDC, commented that this was not the first time that a vehicle was up for grabs in a

carnival event, but it was the first time there were two prize vehicles.

“The CDC is very happy to receive them – the management of Coreas has graciously donated these vehicles with a value of over $80,000 and this is a significant contribution in these difficult times,” Ambrose said.

The two prize vehicles will go along with the proposed 10 per cent increase in cash prizes. (DD)