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Chamber of Industry and Commerce relocates


The St Vincent and the Grenadines Chamber of Industry and Commerce now has a new home.{{more}}

The Chamber’s executive director Michael Nanton stated that effective June 1, the organization will operate from Unit 27 at the Cruise Ship Terminal.

The previous address of the Chamber was the 3rd Floor, Corea’s Building, Corner of Halifax and Hillsborough Street, Kingstown.

As a result of the move, the Chamber no longer offers conference room facilities.

This move to smaller premises reflects the Chamber’s need to contain its costs, in light of challenging financial circumstances, a release from the Chamber said.

According to the release, the Kingstown and Arnos Vale airport car parks, which were formerly leased from the Government, were the means by which the Chamber financed many of its important and necessary private sector enhancement programmes and activities.

“Coupled with the absence of this significant revenue is the adverse effect of current economic conditions on local businesses, a consequence of which is the diminished level of income from membership dues,” the release said.

The Chamber’s ultimate goal, as explained by the executive director, is to promote and defend the best interests of the private sector.

An initiative of the Chamber has been to lobby Government in an effort to find a better solution for city sidewalk vending.

In conjunction with other OECS Chambers and partners, the Chamber has under active consideration plans to develop tangible membership benefit packages and in this regard will pursue discussions with bankers, insurance brokers, telecommunications providers and the regional airlines in an effort to reduce the cost of doing business and making enterprises more competitive.

Executive director Nanton pointed out that this venerable 87-year-old organization has had to adopt such necessary and prudent cost-cutting measures so that it can continue to serve its constituents more efficiently and effectively. Nanton appealed to the membership to redouble their support for their Chamber and issued an invitation to the business community to visit the Chamber’s office in its new location.