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Funds donated for Argyle airport were specifically for that purpose – PM


Any funding for the international airport was donated specifically for that purpose.{{more}}

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves said on Monday, as he addressed parliament, that a story is being propagated that the Government is being starved of financial resources because of the airport project.

“Mr Speaker, resources that we are getting, were given specifically for the airport and the money is not coming from Central Government coffers for the airport itself,” the Prime Minister said.

The taxes and revenue raised were outlined in the estimates, he said, but it suited some agendas to say that other areas were being starved.

“That is not the case,” he said.

According to Gonsalves, the additional US$30 million which was being promised by the ALBA Bank would not have been made available for something else.

“I just want to put this to rest,” the Prime Minister said.

He, however, said that it didn’t matter really what he said, as there were those with an agenda to repeat it, and according to Gonsalves, they will repeat it. (DD)