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Authorities keeping tight lid on ‘Scarface’ investigation

Authorities keeping tight lid on ‘Scarface’ investigation


The details surrounding the shooting death of convicted rapist Anthony “Scarface” Hamilton will not be made public until investigations are concluded.{{more}}

Head of Public Relations in the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force, Assistant Superintendent of Police Jonathan Nichols told SEARCHLIGHT that police are still looking into Hamilton’s May 15 death, which occurred in the washroom area of the Magistrate’s Court in Kingstown.

“Investigations are continuing into the death of Anthony “Scarface” Hamilton; we are not going to release any further information than that,” Nichols told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday.

Hamilton was killed by police, after what sources told SEARCHLIGHT was a brief struggle, during his request for a bathroom break.

He had reappeared at the Serious Offences Court, which is located in the same building, after having been charged and placed on remand on April 28, for robbery and assault.

Nichols also told SEARCHLIGHT that it was the Director of Public Prosecution’s office that will determine whether a Coroner’s Inquest into the matter would be conducted.

“The Coroner’s Inquest is to be determined by the DPP, not the police.

“So, when the investigations are completed and the file is handed over to the DPP, that’s his decision to make a ruling on that,” the veteran officer said.

Nichols said he was not at liberty to release the identity of the officer who was involved in the struggle with Hamilton.

Hamilton was the fourth person to be shot by police in a ten-day span.

On Saturday, May 10, during the Leeward leg of the 2013 launch of Vincy Mas, police shot Paul’s Avenue residents Oginga Williams (in the leg) and John Chandler (in the mouth), at Layou.

Police reported that the men were among a number of persons who allegedly threw stones and bottles at the police station in Layou, and attacked members of the Rapid Response Unit (RRU).

Issachar Simmons was shot several times by police on Wednesday, May 8, after escaping police custody five days before.(JJ)