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VINLEC hosts geothermal energy Town Hall meeting in South Rivers

VINLEC hosts geothermal energy Town Hall meeting in South Rivers


Residents of South Rivers have a better understanding of geothermal energy in the context of St Vincent and the Grenadines, following a discussion on the issue at a Town Hall meeting held on May 23.{{more}}

Geothermal energy was one of the many areas addressed at the meeting, which was hosted by VINLEC, as part of Environmental, Health and Safety Awareness month 2013.

The meeting heard presentations from CEO Thornley Myers, manager Customer Services Steve Wyllie and Environmental Health and Safety officer Anthony Patterson.

Responding to an inquiry about geothermal energy, Myers explained how the renewable source works and said that this source is relatively cheap and a cleaner form of energy. He also stated that the geothermal project is being undertaken by the government and that progress is being made in this area.

The VINLEC personnel also used the opportunity to speak to the company’s drive to improve reliability and efficiency and also examined the composition of the electicity bill, with focus on the Fuel Surcharge.

Another focal point was electrical safety, more specifically the cutting of earth wires on electricity poles. It was noted that this practice is very dangerous, because these wires have been installed to protect the public, ensure a quality supply of electricity and also to help protect electrical appliances from damage.

The community outreach was positive and gave residents the opportunity to interact with personnel from VINLEC. The company has been present in that community for over sixty years, as work on the South Rivers Power Station began in the early 1950’s.