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Local groups show support for Argyle international airport

Local groups show support for Argyle international airport


Local support for the construction of the international airport at Argyle continues to grow, as the project moves towards completion stage.{{more}}

This support was again brought to the fore with the staging on Sunday, May 19, of a cultural extravaganza which took place at the airport’s site.

The extravaganza was organized by the Rose Hall Cultural and Development Organization, in conjunction with South East Development Inc.

The cultural extravaganza was aimed at rallying continued support for the airport project, as well as raising funds for the project. The support for the project manifested itself in the number of persons who participated by way of performances and those who journeyed to Argyle to be a part of it all. The total amount of money collected through contributions was just under three thousand dollars ($2,997.10), which was donated to the project.

CEO of the International Airport Development Company Dr Rudy Matthias also addressed Sunday’s audience. He brought them up to date on the progress of the airport’s development, noting that though there is still a significant amount of work to be done, we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, with the site works programmed to be substantially completed by the end of this year, with completion taking place in 2014. The terminal building is expected to be completed by November 2013. As it stands now, the terminal building is 88 per cent complete.

Regarding the site works or earthworks, Dr Matthias pointed out that the major works which remain to be done include the removal of the petroglyphs and the taking down of the petroglyphs hill, the removal of some more of Fort Hill to continue widening that area of the runway on the southern side and the spanning of the Yambou River. According to the CEO, another significant area of work which remains to be done is the pavement works.

Dr Matthias also pointed out that of the US$80 million needed to complete the project, they have received approval for funding or have identified US$64 million of that.

The Rose Hall Cultural Development Organization was the first group to have come forward in 2009 to show support and raise funds for the international airport project. Persons wishing to contribute to the project may do so at the Bank of SVG, account number 200884.