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You haven’t heard the last of me! – former Public Servant


Former public servant Otto Sam says good will come out of his recent dismissal.{{more}}

“I want to say that out of all the actions, God will be glorified,” Sam said in an interview, one week after being relieved of his duties as headteacher at the South Rivers Methodist School and his posting at the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO).

“What is meant for evil, generally turns out for good, and once you believe that He is able, He will deliver.”

The outspoken Sam was dismissed after the majority of members of a tribunal found that he was guilty of misconduct, contrary to Section 3.27 of the Civil Service Order, as charged by the Public Services Commission (PSC), after he wrote a letter which criticisized NEMO and published it in local newspapers.

After reviewing the opinions of the members of the tribunal, the PSC decided to fire Sam, who had been in the public service for more than 30 years.

Sam said that he intends to appeal the PSC’s decision, and hopes that justice will take its course.

According to Sam, he still does not think that he did anything wrong by having the letter published in the papers.

“There is nothing to regret, and the court will rule on that in terms of one having the right to express themselves, without crossing any lines, and the court will make a determination there.

“The Commission, over the last three years, has been very unfair to me, and I’m not sure if that would change. At some point it has to change.”

The unreserved Sam said that this is not the last that the nation would hear from him, but in the meantime, he is leaving everything to God.

“I will wait on God. I am not going to be depressed.

“My faith and hope is on God and I am keeping my eyes on Him.

“Yes, times are going to be hard, but God will continue to work.

“This is not the last you will hear from me, unless these guys chop my head off, like they did John the Baptist,” Sam joked. (JJ)