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Son of the soil returns

Son of the soil returns


Members of the Gospel Hall Assemblies converged at the Glad Tidings Bible Camp Site last weekend, for a joint convention hosted by the Fountain and Brighton Assemblies under the controversial theme “Walk the Talk”.{{more}}

The guest speaker was Vincentian born evangelist Edward “Eddie” Richardson of Marriaqua Valley fame. He is one of 11 children born to former headteacher and pastor Edward Richardson and Catherine Richardson. Evangelist Richardson has a long and distinguished career as a psychiatric nurse. He has completed post graduate work in Health Service Administration and Counselling in Canada and the USA. He serves on several government boards and para-church organizations in Bermuda.

Evangelist Richardson has laboured in the vineyard for many decades as a servant of the Lord. Thirteen years ago, he responded to the call to full-time ministry. An evangelist, counsellor and minister who serves on several government boards in his adopted homeland, Bermuda, he has preached the Gospel in four continents: North and South America, Europe and Africa. He has also ministered in over 12 Caribbean islands.

Evangelist Richardson’s commitment to the Ministry has been ably supported by his wife of 40 years, Everett “Evie,” a retired educator who also hails from the Marriaqua Valley. The couple has been blessed with three children and six grandchildren.

While in SVG, evangelist Richardson will be conducting a series of nightly meetings at the various Gospel Hall Assemblies. The public is invited to all meetings where listeners will be ministered to on a wide range of topics such as: Integrity in the Family, Integrity in Sexuality, Contagious Christianity, Bridging the Gap, Christian Ethics, The Surrendered Life and Paul’s Prayer for the Ephesians.