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Headstart Pre-School Celebrates Child’s Month 2013

Headstart Pre-School Celebrates Child’s Month 2013


The month of May, recognized as Child’s Month in St Vincent and the Grenadines, is this year being observed under the theme: “Building a Strong Foundation: Ensuring a Brighter Future.”{{more}}

Headstart Pre-School, in recognition of the importance of the month, annually celebrates the month with a range of activities that are designed to engage students and parents.

On Tuesday, May 7, the school held its Annual Sports Day for the first year students at the school at Villa. The two-year-old toddlers participated in various races, including the hurdles, balloon and tricycle races.

Itasha Lawrence, or Teacher Tasha as she is affectionately known, applauded the children on their accomplishment, saying “The overall performance was a lot better than I expected.”

Exceptional performances came from Danica Ballantyne in the girls’ category and Miles Durrant and Kidel Morris in the boys’ category. Parents and teachers also actively participated in the sports meet, by cheering on the infants and taking part in a couple of races.

On May 10, mothers and their children indulged in a Mother’s Day Luncheon, another of the school’s activities for the month. Roxanne Foster, a delighted mother, expressed her pleasure with the event: “The luncheon was well organized and the food was excellent. I especially liked bonding with other mothers and seeing all that Headstart is doing for our children.” She indicated that her favourite part of the luncheon was the date with her daughter – spending time with her. She observed, “The school made me feel good to be a mother.”

Child’s Month activities continued on May 13 and 14 with a “Hats Off to Reading” event. After making presentations at the National Public Library on their favourite books, the pre-schoolers were treated to stories and nursery rhymes, led by librarian Lanette Phillips-Williams. The youngsters, who enjoyed themselves immensely during this exercise, listened attentively and participated eagerly when called upon.

Dental visits, scheduled for May 21 and 22, are also among the activities planned in recognition of Child’s Month. Then, on May 29, the little ones will take part in a tennis meet to be hosted by coach Kibejah King at the National Lotteries Sporting Facility. The month’s activities will culminate on May 30 with the Annual Sports Day for the energetic bunch of three and four-year-old students.