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GHS wins Scriptural Search Bible Quiz for April

GHS wins Scriptural Search Bible Quiz for April


Renata Saunders of the Girls’ High School is the winner of the Scriptural Search Bible Quiz (SSBQ) for April. She received her prize earlier this week from Dexter Honore of Dominica, a friend of SSBQ.{{more}}

A release from the organizers of the SSBQ said present and prospective participants in the quiz are asked to note that this year, for the first time, there are four special awards to be presented. These are the Frequent Participant; Outstanding School; Distinguished Graduate; and (NEW) the Acute Cosmetics Beginners.

Details on these can be had at or by contacting the organizer Joel Jack at 593-4345 or [email protected]

The release said students writing the CSEC this year who have entered the quiz in the past still have an opportunity to win the iPad that will be on offer for the Distinguished Graduate Award. To be eligible, they must have entered at least five times before the end of August.

The SSBQ is in its sixth year and is designed to “encourage students of secondary schools to read, love and follow God’s Words,” the release said.