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Customs and Excise Association gives back

Customs and Excise Association gives back


Three lucky persons received prizes on Wednesday, for taking part in a raffle, put on by the Customs and Excise Association.President of the association Sandra Noel said the raffle was part of the organization’s Mother’s Day celebrations, and one of the many events put on by the association.{{more}}

“We have other things that we do on behalf of the organization,” Noel said. “It’s a very vibrant organization”.

The draw, which took place on Monday, May 13, earned three persons attractive first, second and third prizes.

Lowmans Windward resident Eden Baptiste won the first prize of a microwave oven, while Mickey Adams of New Montrose won the second prize of a juicer. Third prize winner Gillian Springer received a toaster.

At the ceremony, prizes were collected by representatives on behalf of the winners. Andene Baptiste collected on behalf of her mother, the first prize winner. The second prize was collected by Sherese King, while Adiola Springer stood in for Gillian Springer.

The Customs and Excise Association has been in existence for quite some time and seeks to foster camaraderie within the work environment.

“We do our fund-raisers, whereby members of staff would contribute from their salary, $10 per month, to go towards the organization,” the president said.

Noel said that the funds raised are used in many constructive ways, including giving back to the community, by assisting persons with their needs.

“We assist our children…who are going into secondary school for the first time,” she said. “We give them a stipend and we did this for the very first time, last year”.(BK)