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Belvedere/Pleasant Flatz Neighbourhood Watch takes guard

Belvedere/Pleasant Flatz  Neighbourhood Watch takes guard


Fri May 17, 2013

Commissioner of Police Keith Miller is encouraging the public to continue to work closely with the police to prevent acts of theft and other forms of crime.{{more}}

COP Miller made this call at the official launch of the Belvedere/Pleasant Flatz Neighbourhood Watch, which took place on Saturday, May 11, at Pleasant Flatz, Brighton. The Belvedere/Pleasant Flatz Neighbourhood Watch is the eighth neighbourhood watch that was officially launched in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“If thieves can meet and organize, we have to meet and organize as well,” said Commissioner Miller, as he encouraged the formation of neighbourhood watches throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Commissioner Miller reminded the gathering that acts of criminality, even though they may take place internationally, regionally and locally, have adverse effects on victims which may affect them physically and psychologically.

The commissioner said the police will continue to encourage the public to put corrective measures in place to assist in the fight against crime.

“It is imperative that we put systems in place to mitigate acts of criminality,” said COP Miller.

COP Miller admonished mothers throughout the state to continue to counsel their children to desist from anti-social behaviour. He also joined the call to have some aspects of the law form part of the schools’ curricula and to be taught in schools.

“We have to look outside of the box, we have to look at the broader picture. We cannot wait until there are incidents of crime to put systems in place,” Commissioner Miller said.

Chairman of the Belvedere/Pleasant Flatz Neighbourhood Watch Ian Enoch said several homes in the community have experienced break-ins or know of a household that experienced theft.

He said the establishment of a neighbourhood watch is a major undertaking, but it can succeed if the community partners to fulfill its objectives.

“It is therefore our responsibility that we keep our community safe,” said Enoch, noting that when communities take control of their environment, this reduces crime, as well as the burden of law enforcement officers.

The other members of the Belvedere/Pleasant Flatz Neighbourhood Watch are Kenyatta Alleyne, deputy chairman; Nerline Cambridge, secretary; Zaccheus Parris, public relations officer; Suzette Williams, treasurer; and Conroy Huggins and Roger Sam, committee members.

The event was attended by Superintendent of Police Carlos Sampson, head of the South Central Division, and Assistant Superintendent of Police Jonathan Nichols, head of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force Public Relations and Complaints Department, who chaired the ceremony.(Police Public Relations)