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Videographers team up to provide locally produced programming

Videographers team up to provide locally produced programming


A number of videographers have joined forces to launch what will be this country’s newest television station, EPIC. EPIC is scheduled to be launched in mid-July and will feature mostly locally produced programmes.{{more}}

One of the founders of EPIC, Regis Splectron Williams, explained that the idea of the new channel was born as a result of the changes to the programming that were made to this country’s sole cable television provider.

“After Karib Cable changed over their programming, a lot of Vincentians were dissatisfied with the content that was being offered, so the rest of the video guys from St Vincent, including myself, teamed up together to start producing our own programmes.

“That’s when we decided that we will need our own avenue and the idea for the channel came about.”

According to Williams, EPIC’s programme line-up will feature films for teens, adults and the family.

Williams said there will be live programmes which would allow persons sitting at home to interact and give their input on the topics that are being discussed via Facebook, Twitter or the telephone.

“Some of the shows are going to be done like the Maury show and Jerry Springer with studio audience. So, we want to bring the first set of television programmes with live audiences …” he added.

The teen programmes will be produced by teenagers themselves, Williams said.

The reason for this, he said, is to give exposure to young individuals who have just graduated from college or secondary school to get involved in a positive venture, while learning a new skill.

Williams, however, said the majority of the videographers are unemployed. They are therefore seeking the assistance from the public to raise the funds needed to lauch the station as scheduled.

“We’ve been trying to start this since last year, but because we do not have the financial backings it has been difficult to do so. The money we were banking on, the person who was supposed to assist in that department was unable to because of financial issues.

“So, if you see us around town with sponsor sheets or asking for donations, it’s for a worthy cause,” Williams added. (AA)