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Kingstown Government School students show off writing skills

Kingstown Government School students show off writing skills


Students from the Kingstown Government School believe that this year, they will leave their mark on the Common Entrance Examinations results and produce some of the best performances.{{more}}

On a visit to SEARCHLIGHT recently, students shared imaginative composition pieces that they have been doing in preparation for the upcoming exams.

Grade Six teacher Natasha Gilbert accompanied the students and explained that the classes have been practising diligently at composition, with different pieces so that they can be adequately prepared to produce stellar work at Common Entrance.

“I decided to give them more incentive to write,” Gilbert said, as she explained why she had made the trip to the media house.

“When they see their work published, others will want to write, so that theirs can be viewed as well.”

Accompanying Gilbert were five students from the Section One, Grade Six class.

Krislee Morris, the eldest of the group, explained that she loves composition and enjoys writing letters of persuasion.

“You get to share your ideas or views about what you think should be done,” Morris explained.

Ozni Daniel and Tirmoya Lewis both like to write narratives so that they can use their imagination.

“I have a whole notebook of stories at home,” Lewis said. “Sometimes I can write a whole four-page story”.

“I like composition, because the stories help me to expand my imagination,” Daniel, the lone male, said.

Tiffany Nanton and Alexia Caine told SEARCHLIGHT that they were both nervous and excited about their upcoming exams.

“I’m ready for…the note subjects,” Caine declared.

“I’m ready for composition…and math,” Nanton said. “Our mental math teacher has a past paper from last year and we do three questions each day”.

It seems that Caine has carefully thought out her next steps, as she explained at length her reason for choosing the Girls’ High School as the secondary school that she wished to attend.

“If I want to do something in science, Thomas Saunders doesn’t have a lab, so GHS is better, because they have the equipment to help me,” she said.

All the other students have high hopes of going to their secondary school of choice and are working diligently to make their dreams come true.

Common Entrance Day is June 7. (BK)